Does Your Service Business Feel Like A Cash Eating Machine Gobbling Up All Your Profits?

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Apply these strategies and principles
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Most service business owners don’t have a plan to increase profits. In fact, most don’t even know WHAT the profits are for each trade line or have a full grasp of their numbers. And without that information, you can’t truly make an informed decision to REALLY take your business to the next level and put more money in your pocket.

Apply these strategies and principles in your business and watch your profits soar and even free up time for yourself!

Strategy #1

Develop and work the profit plan that helps improve cash flow, decrease expenses and be on track for higher profits.

Strategy #2

Attract and retain customers for further growth. Plugging this profit leak will give you back thousands of dollars in revenue and actually decrease your expenses. Let me share how. 

Strategy #3

Learn proven methods to take control of the debt that is choking your business, so you can get out from under it faster.

What You'll Learn In This Comprehensive Book

CHOOSE TO BE PROFITABLE-  I share how to turn the Sales-Expenses=Profits on it's head so that YOU profit FIRST. 

DEVELOP & WORK THE PLAN- Taps into how to create a revenue plan. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail! 

WHAT STORY DO YOUR NUMBERS TELL?- You need to understand the terminologies and what the numbers tell you to make informed decisions. 

UNDERSTAND THE TRUE COST OF LABOR- This is an eye opening chapter that will make you re-think how you bid jobs (so you can be more profitable)

ATTRACT & RETAIN CUSTOMERS-  This chapter covers strategies to get new clients and keep the one's you have for a longer lifetime value. 

CHARGE YOUR WORTH-  Covers how to create higher value and customer service so you can charge more. 

IS DEBT CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS?-  An eye opening look at how debt is truly affecting your profits and how to get out from under it faster. 

HIRING EMPLOYEES-  Employees are the biggest asset in your company. Learn how to leverage them and minimize profit leaks due to bad employees. 

I'M MAKING MONEY - NOW WHAT?-  Touches upon how to now minimize your taxes so you can profit even more!

Get on YOUR Path To Profits....

About The Author

Diane Gardner; ProfitCoach4You

Diane Gardner, Your Profit & Tax Coach, is a speaker, best-selling author and a Quilly Award recipient. She is a Mastery Level Certified Profit First Professional, Certified Fix This Next Fixologist, Certified Pumpkin Planner, Certified Tax Strategist and an Enrolled Agent.

Diane is committed to helping Service Business owners maximize profits and stop overpaying taxes, through Profit Planning and Tax Planning. By utilizing the Profit First principles, Diane gives owners clarity on the numbers, strategies to decrease expenses, increase profit margins and uncover missed opportunities to leverage for more revenue, so owners will have less stress, are more empowered and have more money in their pockets!

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